Hello! My name is Mackenzie Bowers. This will be my third year teaching at Rossview Elementary! I am originally from central Illinois where I attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and I am currently working on my Master's Behavior Specialist degree. I love learning and cannot wait to share this love of learning in my classroom and with your child. I believe communication can be a wonderful key to success in the classroom, feel free to contact me via email or through the phone.
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  • I am always looking for volunteers! Here are some of the things I need volunteers for. If you are interested in any of the following, just let me know! -sharpening pencils -making posters -putting paper into c-line sheet protectors -cutting out laminating shapes/pages
  • Here is the supply list! ***I would prefer everything (folders, notebooks, pencil box), be labeled at home to save time during our busy day! 1. Four Folders (plain colors please!) -These should be labeled Unfinished Work, Reading, Math, Unit 2. Two dozen presharpened pencils* 3. One pair of scissors 4. At least 2 glue sticks*. 5. One box of crayons* or colored pencils. 6. One large boxes of tissues or more *(we could use a lot of these.) 7. One package/container of anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitizer*. 8. One to two packages of 4 dry erase markers (black) 9. Three wide ruled spiral notebooks (no spiral- one for science, math, and reading) -These should be labeled Science, Math, Reading 10. Two or three packages wide rule loose paper*. 11. Four highlighters (preferably yellow or pink)* 12. Something to hold pencils and supplies in. 13. Two or more reams of copy paper*. 14. One packet of blue pens
  • Wish List (The following are not required, but would be useful for our classroom: White or colored copy paper, skittles, blue pens, whiteboard cleaner, Crayola markers, graph paper, rulers, Ziplock baggies (any size), colored pencils, double wide masking tape, outdoor recess toys (balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk), indoor recess games posted 7/11/2018 5:22:00 PM
  • I can listen when others are talking.
  • I can follow directions when they are given.
  • I can treat others and their property with respect.
  • I can be responsible for my things and my actions.
  • I can be brave.